SpaceX a Project By Elon Musk

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Hello, viewers welcome to you all in our new post lets discuss SpaceX a project by Elon Musk.

Introduction To SpaceX


SpaceX a Project By Elon Musk

SpaceX is also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services. Its headquarters is in Hawthorne, California. It was founded by Elon Musk in 2002. The first rocket launched by SpaceX in space was falcon 1 in 2008. It was the first private rocket ever launched in space by a private company. The main goal of SpaceX as per Musk is to enable colonization to mars, enable wide space tourism, and cost-effectiveness for space travel. Its revenue is estimated to be $2 billion USD as per the 2019 report and $1.5 billion USD as per the 2020 report. It has a huge no of employees as per the report of February 2021 its employee number is around 9500.

Achieved missions

mars spacex

SpaceX is the first private company to launch a rocket in space and also was the first funded liquid-propellant rocket to reach orbit. The rocket was named Falcon1. After that, they were able to send Dragon named rocket in space to launch, orbit, and recover a spacecraft. They were also the first to send a reusable aircraft in space in 2015 named Falcon9. And also have the constellation of several satellites. They have also scheduled many rockets launch in the future. Have already sent rovers to study mars’ geography, atmosphere, and so on. These studies will help scientists act accordingly for the project of colonization on Mars.


SpaceX a project by elon musk

SpaceX has huge achievements which if they are achieved it will change the perspective of the whole world. SpaceX has the most unique aim to colonize mars. Although it seems more challenging, they have already started their project and Elon Musk has already cleared that humans will land on Mars by 2024(uncrewed) and if not, so people will surely land in 2026. It also aims to use fully reusable equipment and use eco-friendly fuel as far as possible. Hopefully, humans will be able to experience mars’ atmosphere being Martians.

Colonization on mars, SpaceX biggest project

The SpaceX biggest project ever announced by Elon Musk. As mentioned earlier they are already progressing rapidly fortis the mission. Have you ever wondered why only mars for colonization or what is the point of colonization? The by far best answer is it is one and only suitable for humans to colonize.

SpaceX a project by elon musk mars

As planets such as mercury and Venus are too near from the sun they will be too hot whereas the outermost planets will be too cold to live in. the only option remains are mars Jupiter and Saturn in which Jupiter and Saturn are gaseous giants. Although life on mars seems harsh it contains water the most important substance to the living.

The NASAs proved the mars contain massive water lakes in form of ice. And the second important factor that made scientists think of colonizing mars is its atmosphere. As per the NASA report, colonization on mars will be possible by 2033 but SpaceX cleared that colonization will be started from 2026.

However, this project is super challenging. Challenges like atmospheric pressure, suitable air for breathing, drinkable water, etc. are simple examples that could create problems for humans in the colonization of Mars. Hopefully, this project will be successful in overcoming these challenges.



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