Plan Maker, Text Maker | Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice.

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Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice yes today we will discuss the topic Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice


If you are reading this post then I am sure that you are searching for the best alternatives for Microsoft office. Then don’t worry I am here for solving your problem. Microsoft is not only a company that provides you any office applications.

There are a lot and free office is one among them. And the three software of free office are.

Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice

  • Plan Maker
  • Text Maker
  • Presentation

This three software don’t make you disappointed. If you don’t want to buy the license for MS office then you can go through the free office. This software provides you each and everything available on ms office. Let us discuss all of this software truly.

Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice

1.Plan Maker

plan maker

Let’s discuss the first software of free office which is plan maker. Plan maker is the same as Microsoft office excel. You can do all the things which you can do on ms excel. Even though in this software there are a lot more features than in excel. If you are a person related to accountability and you have a lot of work regarding excel then you can go through this software.

The size of this software is not too high you can run this software on any low-end pc. You can install this software on your pc if you don’t want to use any Microsoft software. This software is easy to use and you can find all the tools easily on this software. Personally, I am using this software and my experience with this software is best.

I know many people will comment that why don’t use the crack of Microsoft office. But sorry that’s not a good idea there are a lot of disadvantages to using crack software. I have already written an article about why we shouldn’t use crack software you can read that one here. And another thing if iam getting more features on this application than that of ms office then obviousely I will use it.

2.Text Maker

Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice

The second software and the alternative of microsoft office word is text maker.Text maker is a software from free office on which you can take all the benifits for free.Youu dont need to pay anithing for this software.I will say this is the best alternative for ms word.

At this time I am writing this article on the software text maker and I am not facing any kind of problem with it. I will suggest you use this software if you don’t have a license from ms office. You can use this software legally free of cost. You can get all the benefits of free software which you can get on a paid one so I will suggest you this software.


Best Alternatives For Microsoft Ofice powerpoint

The third software from fre maker is presentation.You can know about yhis sofware that the work of this software.Yes this is the alternative for microsoft powerpoint.You can make your presentations for your Office,School,Any Government Project Of Your Own Project Too.You canget all the benifits which you can get from Microsoft powerpoint.

This software is also totally free of cost you can use it easily and freely. All the software that I have discussed here is easy to use and light.


They are not only the alternative software of Ms. Office. There are a lot and Google Docs is also one. If you don’t want to install any software on your pc and you want to get all the benefits as MS Word then google is the best. On google docs, you can do all the things that you can do in word, excel and PowerPoint.

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