First Electric Bike Of Nepal Yatri!!!!

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After an extended wait, the primary electric bike created in Nepal has been made public. 2 models of electrical bike developed by a Nepali startup company known as Yatri motorbike when 3 and a [*fr1] years are made public.

The company has at first launched 2 models, the P Zero and therefore the P One. Asim Pandey, co-founder of Yatri Motorcycle, aforementioned that the pre-order of the bike was opened as shortly because it was created public.

Motorcycles may be pre-ordered from the company’s website. The company’s premium bike P Zero is priced at Rs 19.49 100000 whereas P One is priced at Rs 495,000.

Yatri P Zero

Yatri P Zero – Nepali electrical Bike

The company has declared that the bike are going to be provided inside four months of receiving the pre-order. Asim Pandey aforementioned that the worth of the bike has gone up thanks to the utilization of powerful and complicated batteries. Another co-founder of the company, Batsal Pandey, said that traveller P Zero was their flagship model. “This could be a model designed to point out what quantity we will knock off Nepal,” he said.

The company has declared that the traveller P Zero model bike can travel 230 kilometers on one charge. it’s claimed that this bike can reach a speed of sixty kilometers per hour within the initial 2.5 seconds and may reach a most speed of one hundred forty kilometers per hour. It weighs 195 kg. Similarly, a P-One motorcycle can travel up to a hundred and twenty kilometer on a single charge.

High-charge associated high-discharge speedy charge technology is employed in these motorbikes with lithium-ion batteries. From that the motorcycle is absolutely charged in a pair of hours. In addition, the bike conjointly has the power of an aboard charger. this implies you don’t even ought to carry a separate charger.

Yatri P One

Yatri P One – Nepali electrical Bike

“Currently, there are foreign bikes within the market that may cowl a distance of sixty to seventy kilometers on one charge. the worth of such bikes is between four and 4 and a [*fr1] 100000 rupees,” says Asim.

He says that they need paid tons of attention to the performance of the bike. The bike has its own navigation with 4G web property. this enables you to trace charges even once you are faraway from the bike. the corporate can do the indefinite quantity of the info needed for SIM and connectivity for Forge.

The design and development of the traveller motorbike were started in December 2017 below the leadership of Asim Panda, co-founder of the company. Pandey completed his engineering studies in Automotive style and region Structure and Materials from the Delph University of Technology within the Netherlands.

Asim gained expertise within the industry whereas building the GTORS sports automobile in the European nation together with German company Audi and Dutch company Domkar Vort. He was conjointly concerned in the analysis and development of Nepali technology.

Under his leadership, a team of twenty-two engineers is presently operating to make a traveller motorcycle. For that, a industrial plant has been created in Chitwan. Stating that the bikes are going to be factory-made on the premise of pre-order, Pandey aforementioned that the target is to manufacture four thousand bikes inside a year.

“Based on the market demand, we have a tendency to conceive to bit by bit increase the capability of the industry,” he said. “We have adopted foremost standards for this.” though at first targeted at Nepal, the corporate aims to enter the worldwide market in an exceedingly year or two.

According to Batsal, Yatri is associate exemplary effort to instill confidence within the new generation that one thing may be worn out Nepal. “We hope that if Yatri is successful, Nepali youths operating in huge firms abroad will be galvanized to come back to Nepal,” he said.

For this, a policy of giving grant and tax exemption to domestically created electrical vehicles is needed. ‘

The founders of Yatri motorbike are 31-year-old Asim and 35-year-old Batsal. Batsal graduated from the u. s. with pdegree in buInsiness management

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