COVID 19 2nd Wave- A New Global Threat

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Hey hello, viewers welcome to you all on our site today we will be going to discuss COVID 19 2nd Wave.

Introduction-COVID 19 2nd Wave

 Coronavirus is currently the most dangerous virus in the world. The pandemic started in 2019 Dec was believed to be over by 2021. The corona caused serious chaos worldwide wiping almost 3 million people worldwide. It also caused an economic loss of power as well as poor nations. The assumption of the end of corona was accurate but not correct as the mutated form of corona started at the beginning of 2021.  The corona is still threatening people as it was threatening than when it was started. Corona is now the worst nightmare of people and animals as it has taken so many lives.

COVID 19 2nd Wave

Is COVID 19 Mutating?

Yes, corona virus is mutating and getting more and more powerful as well as dangerous. The virus mutates when it travels from various host cells. As they transmit a lot faster, they try to adapt various cells and they get mutated. The vaccine that had the ability to weaken corona is getting useless now. The same vaccine no longer works on mutated corona.

When Was COVID 19 2nd Wave First Seen?

COVID 19 2nd Wave 2nd wave

Researchers believe corona has various mutated form throughout the world. It was first seen on September 2020. The most common mutated variants of corona are from UK and Australia. The mutated corona variant of UK is believed to be 50 percent more powerful than covid-19. It is termed as B.1.1.7 variant. It is so powerful that the most effective Indian vaccine no longer works against it. The transmit of mutated corona is super-fast as compared to covod-19 which makes it more threatening.

Is Vaccine of Mutated Corona Made?

The most effective covid-19 vaccine no longer works to the mutated covid. So, no vaccine is in use for the mutated corona but the effective vaccine of covid-19 is in use for mutated corona.

COVID 19 2nd Wavevaccine

Many researchers and reporters claim some effective vaccine will be made in the end of 2021 but it will be too late as the new corona is rapidly transmitting worldwide. Also, there is no guarantee as well as clarity that the vaccine will come or not. Suppose they released effective vaccine there is a possibility that the virus will again mutate causing worst scenario worldwide. So, stay safe as much as possible.

Preventions from COVID 19

Covid is causing pandemic allover till now form end of 2019, if we didn’t stay safe then it will surely not stop and continuously grow. To prevent covid mask is must as it mainly transmits from respiratory organs.

Avoid crowd and polluted places. In case you need to go to crowd places wear mask and maintain social distancing. Always use sanitizers before eating or after touching anything. Avoid sick people as much as you can. Prevent this deadly virus, we humans can win this virus for sure.

COVID 19 2nd Wave mask

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