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April 28, 2021 1

First Electric Bike Of Nepal Yatri!!!!

By Prabes

After an extended wait, the primary electric bike created in Nepal has been made public. 2 models of electrical bike developed by a Nepali startup company known as Yatri motorbike when 3 and a [*fr1] years are made public. The...

April 24, 2021 4

A 1 lakh rupee fine will be imposed for sales on Instagram and other social media.

By Prabes

If you run an e-commerce business on social media without creating a website, you will be fined 100,000 rupees (approximately...

March 22, 2021 29

What Is Share Market | How Can We Invest On Share.

By Prabes

शेयर बजार के हो Introduction Share market, what is share market and how can we earn from it this question...

June 22, 2021 0

African Catfish: Is it a real threat in Nepal?Achyut Babu Acharya.

By Prabes

African Catfish: Is it a real threat in Nepal?                                                                                                   –  Achyut Babu Acharya                                                                                                             B.VSc. & A.H                                                                                                                 …